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Three themes provide the framework for the curriculum and are integrated across the learning opportunities. Within each theme, a number of threads are addressed.

Creating Evidence

  1. Research paradigms, policy, and process
  2. Research designs, methods, and techniques
  3. Evaluation and assessment methods
  4. Health data sources, analysis, and management
  5. Research ethics including conducting ethical research and a research ethics review process

Choosing Evidence

  1. Information skills
  2. Health information systems
  3. Health knowledge sources
  4. Information searching and retrieval
  5. Critical appraisal
  6. Research synthesis

Using Evidence

  1. Partnerships and collaboration
  2. Organizational change and change management
  3. Managing the interface between research and practice
  4. Health policy issues and evaluation
  5. Navigating context
  6. Decision-making skills
  7. Research writing and presentation skills
  8. Research transfer strategies