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SEARCH Canada - SEARCH Networks: A Renewable Health Resource

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SEARCH Networks: A Renewable Health Resource

SEARCH Canada is pleased to host its fifth biennial Forum and SEARCHing for Excellence Awards the evening of June 18 and June 19, 2009 in the Robbins Centre at MacEwan College in Edmonton. The event marks the completion of the SEARCH VI cohort, and the beginning of SEARCH VII. For the first time, individuals and teams engaged in SEARCH Custom initiatives have also been invited to participate and share their experiences.

"Collaborative networks have been chosen by governments and businesses around the world to deal with many of the most complex problems in uncertain environments like health and wellness, social services, global warming, disaster response, and terrorism. Canada is viewed as a world leader in using networks of organizations to integrate services, create and transfer knowledge, and build community capacity."[1]

SEARCH Networks are geographically diverse and deeply embedded within Alberta's health system. Its members are practiced at working in collaborative, evidence-informed ways to respond to questions related to policy, practice and service delivery. They are adept at interpreting evidence and adapting findings to suit the many contexts that make up the landscape of Alberta's health system. Within the complex and rapidly changing health care system in Alberta, how can these networks remain resilient? How can we capitalize on the strength of the network for the benefit of the network members and the evolving health system?

SEARCH Network members invited to attend the forum will:

Enjoy the opportunity to catch up with fomer colleagues and new meet new, like-minded individals from across the province.

Participate in mapping the SEARCH Network asset in a way that:

Engage in interesting conversations on:


For more information, please contact:
Carmen Herbers, Director of Communications, SEARCH Canada - 780-441-2507





[1] Excerpt from the 2009 Networks Leadership Summit consensus statement