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SEARCH Canada - A Manager's Toolkit

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A Manager's Toolkit

SEARCH Classic is an intense, two-year cohort experience that combines learning opportunities through face-to-face week long residential modules, inter-module work and the application of knowledge to practice-based projects.

This toolkit includes a selection of forms, templates, and checklists used by the SEARCH Classic program team to manage delivery of an adaptive and responsive curriculum. These tools can be tailored to a variety of needs and types of program delivery.

BACKGROUND - The approach to planning SEARCH Classic residential module weeks was based on 14 years of delivering modules in diverse locations. The checklists and documents were designed to facilitate the creation of the environment to support the learning process by first asking questions about foreseeable needs. There are also links to working tools and documentation of past module delivery. These tools move from recruitment through planning and managing curriculum delivery at off-site locations and could be helpful for single to multiple module delivery as well as a variety of other events.

OUR APPROACH - Planning curriculum delivery at a distance provided a number of interesting challenges as resources vary at each venue. While the continuous movement added complications to implementation, the tradeoff positives included allowing the group to experience the wide variety of contexts that compose Alberta health delivery systems, as well as moderating travel for the majority of participants.

GETTING STARTED - We strongly recommend an approach that starts with considering what questions need to be answered including how to get people involved, how to prepare people and how to get started. Once planning is initiated, the "essential questions" list is outlined in the Master Checklist and is designed to provide an overview of the entire process. The reader may find some of the items appear to be self-evident; however it has been our experience that successful delivery is based on thoroughly detailed planning. Our definition of "success" is that the planning aspect be "invisible" to attendees.

How to Get People Involved (recruitment)

How to Prepare People (preparation)

How to Get Going (module delivery)

- Venue Cost Breakdown (looks at facility, accommodation, IT and costs)
- CHE document on IT requirements
- CHE IT Analysis template
- Venue Agreement Template
- Venue checklist at Site
- Sample Allergies Checklist

- Hour by Hour (scheduling the module morning to night)
- Module Schedule Template